Oriental massage

Oriental massage includes not only work with tension in our bodies but also with energy and emotions. It looks at the human as a whole. The aim of the oriental massage is to restore harmonious flow of energy in the body, ensure deep relax, release from stress and negative emotions. more

Wellness massage

Wellness massage includes a holistic care of the whole body through acting on all its senses. A proper tempo of massage, relaxing music and subdued, harmonious light of warm colors constitute the unique atmosphere of the treatment. more

Classic massage

Body massage has been considered a form of therapy and even a method of healing the body for hundreds years. Massage involves the reaction of mechanical stimuli on tissue system in order to cause positive reaction in it. It reduces fatigue and helps to keep good health and beauty. more

Slimming massage

Slimming massage is one of the varieties of classic massage. The effect of shaping the body through breakdown and fragmentation of subcutaneous fat tissue. more

Firming massage

The aim of the massage is to stimulate weakened muscles and improve flexibility of skin and connective tissue. more