Wellness massage

Wellness massage includes a holistic care of the whole body through acting on all its senses. A proper tempo of massage, relaxing music and subdued, harmonious light of warm colors constitute the unique atmosphere of the treatment. All of that is completed by unique taste and flavor of products applied in the treatment. Gifts of nature and also original, specific motions of wellness massage guarantee an exceptional experience and a real treat for your senses.


Energy from the depth of the earth – massage with hot volcanic stones. It consists of thermotherapy, drainage, acupressure, aromatherapy and Swedish massage. Proper atmosphere, the use of fragrant, warm oil as well as adequately chosen music have soothing and calming influence. A task of this massage is also to convey energy at its deficiency, or to absorb it at its excess in a given (sick) part of the body. This treatment is recommended especially for people exposed to stress, restless, depressed and those who suffer from pain in muscles.


‘Massage which caresses your body’. Ravishing, really sensual, acting both on mental and physical well being wellness massage based on hot chocolate. It consists of natural antioxidants neutralizing the action of free radicals which destroy our skin, and also vitamins, potassium, magnesium, calcium and ferrum. It strongly hydrates, firms, nourishes and regenerates skin. It is rejuvenating. It improves skin tone, makes it radiant, and ensures softness and velvet smoothness. The core element of the massage is a wonderful, chocolate scent which stimulates production of happiness hormones – endorphins, improving our well being.


Magic, providing exceptional impressions massage with the use of wax which, after lighting a candle, changes into aromatic oil. A mixture of wax consisting of soya oil, coconut oil and ethereal oil will leave your skin soft and silky in touch. It is worth to notice that the candle is made of natural wax only and does not include paraffin.


Detoxifying massage with the use of bamboo and warm oil which drains, relaxes and reshapes. Bamboo sticks are of different thickness and length, since they are adjusted to particular techniques and a body size. Due to Bamboo sticks pressure the treatment improves blood circulation fast and lastingly. Moreover, it makes muscles more flexible and reduces tension. Pressing movements used in the treatment have a positive effect on buttock, thigh and waist muscles. Pressure, rolling and sliding bamboo sticks along the body facilitate the circulation of blood and lymph and also drainage and tissue regeneration. Bamboo stick massage relaxes, reduces muscle tension, makes one deeply calm and improves well being. It is also a perfect help in a circulation disorder, cellulite reduction and shaping the body.


It is a type of relaxation massage which will make you feel completely relaxed. It is attractive and unique since it is performed by two masseuses who make the same movements, with the same force of pressure, on both sides of the body simultaneously. It provides an incredible feeling of relax and inner calm. The massage begins with washing the client’s feet and then all their body is massaged with warm oil. The atmosphere is completed with relaxing music, scent of a composition selected to a given personality, and lit candles. Synchronous massage is a real feast for Your body and soul.