Slimming massage

Slimming massage is one of the varieties of classic massage. The effect of shaping the body through breakdown and fragmentation of subcutaneous fat tissue. An intensive massage, patting and pressing make the lymph in the body evenly distributed. The facilitation of blood and lymph flow in the body contributes directly to the improvement of metabolism. It is not the way leading to a significant weight reduction, however, when used regularly it allows losing few centimeters of the body and also smoothing skin, reducing cellulite and eliminating toxins.

Slimming massage

It is a variety of classic massage with a bigger pressure on rubbing and pressing. Intensive rubbing leads to release of big amount of warmth, which in turn accelerates the inside tissue metabolism.

Chinese cupping

This massage has shaping, firming and anti cellulite properties. Chinese bubbles are used, among others, for healing and relaxing massage. Massaging with bubbles improves blood circulation, detoxifies the body and facilitates metabolism. Therefore, the process of fat burning is accelerated.

Silicone glove massage

This treatment is a connection of classic massage and massage with a special silicone glove. It has strong slimming, firming and anti cellulite properties. The glove facilitates the absorption of active substances present in preparations used for this treatment, it improves effectiveness and stimulates the energy flow in skin. One side of the glove is covered with sharp thorns whose duty is to stimulate microcirculation, exfoliate dead cells of the epidermis, that is to prepare skin for deeper penetration of active substances. The other side is covered with thicker, more delicate thorns which enhance the breakdown and elimination of the gathered fat tissue.

What do you gain? KNOW ADVANTAGES
  1. You will relax your body.
  2. You will improve the look of your body.
  3. You will accelerate your metabolism.
For who?

For people whose aim is a spectacular body reshaping and improvement of skin flexibility. Due to metabolism stimulation the body eliminates toxins and fat faster.