Firming massage

Firming massage

The aim of the massage is to stimulate weakened muscles and improve flexibility of skin and connective tissue. It is recommended for the accumulated, loose and a bit flabby skin and tissue, e.g. after pregnancy or a sudden loss of weight.

Chinese cupping

This massage has shaping, firming and anti-cellulite properties. Chinese bubbles are used, among others, for healing and relaxing massage. Massage with bubbles enhances blood circulation, detoxifies the body and improves metabolism. Therefore, a process of fat burning is accelerated.


Massage Ayurvedic body massage. In this treatment we use powder or herbal paste mixed with Ayurvedic oil. This kind of massage firms your body, reduces cellulite, detoxifies the body and evens out skin irregularities.

What do you gain? KNOW ADVANTAGES
  1. You will firm and smooth your skin.
  2. You will relax and calm down your body.
  3. You will get rid of flabby and loose skin.
For who?

Firming massage is recommended for people after an intensive slimming treatment, for those who are not physically active and prophylactically to gain firm skin. The best effect is achieved when the massage is performed every day or every other day. Good results can also be gained once the massage is performed alternately to Chinese cupping.