Oriental massage

Oriental massage includes not only work with tension in our bodies but also with energy and emotions. It looks at the human as a whole. The aim of the oriental massage is to restore harmonious flow of energy in the body, ensure deep relax, release from stress and negative emotions and also support the body in reconstruction of the lost inner balance. The Oriental massage is about the whole body, which step by step, is partially uncovered and covered, so that intimacy could be ensured. Some treatments include face or head massage to achieve a deeper state of relaxation. Massage is performed with the use of natural, warm oil of exotic flavor and proper music, which is very important for the patient’s feelings and a rhythm of a masseur. A masseur massages with forearms and hands, they use their body weight and dynamic of motions. Touch can be very gentle or decidedly strong, however, a basic rule is – not to cause pain, but relax and heal.


Unique, holistic, 90-minute massage of the whole body, which is a combination of everything best and most incredible of the massage. Each move is completed by a marvelous scent of aromatic oil which leaves the essence of Africa on skin.

It is recommended for people who suffer from lethargy and a low level of life energy as well as for people exposed to stress. It is perfect for athletes with tired, sore muscles and for people who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism and those who have problems with sinus and severe headaches.


Deeply relaxing massage for people who are stressed and need to relax and like gentle relaxation techniques. It is performed by means of a soft part of forearms in the rhythm of music and a client’s breath with the use of exotic coconut oil. It perfectly regenerates epidermis, protects against aging, firms and makes skin more subtle. You can scent sweet flavor of coconuts and paradise flowers Tiare in the air, which take your mind to the land of eternal happiness and joy.


Balinese massage is a combination of several Asian techniques, among others, Ayurveda, Chinese acupressure techniques and a typical for Bali relaxation massage, which acts on energy flow channels, bringing deep relaxation and perfect well being. Smooth but strong and deep motions of a therapist relax and release from tension and improve blood circulation, which in turn, improves metabolism in skin, subcutaneous parts and in muscles. Balinese massage ensures a physical and mental state of happiness.


Lomi Lomi massage is a whole body massage. A masseur massages the back, legs, feet then a chest and the front part of legs, and also the face and head. Characteristic features of the massage is massaging with forearms, stretching, and performing dancing-like, graceful movements, therefore what characterizes the massage is exceptional harmony and beauty. It provides a feeling of deep relaxation, elimination of bothersome tension, return to harmony in the body and calmness in the mind. It evokes feelings of satisfaction and happiness.


A unique 90-minute wellness treatment which includes face and body massage with warm stones of volcanic origin. It allows us to feel a healing and soothing influence of energy of the interior of the earth, and also healthful advantages of a heat treatment, drainage, acupressure and aroma therapy, as well as far Eastern techniques of shiatsu massage. It combines excellent care, absolute relaxation and feeling of energy. It is vitalizing and healing, perfectly eliminates any tension and muscle pain, moisturizes skin.


Aromatherapeutic massage which ensures recovery from everyday stress with the use of appropriate ethereal vegetable oil. The massage is a combination of an ancient Indian massage and Shiatsu techniques with elements of lymphatic drainage. It relieves headaches of various type, relaxes neck muscles, shoulder muscles and the upper part of the back. It improves well being, brightens thoughts, soothes physical and mental tension.


A Japanese technique of a face massage provides visible and long lasting effects, which are difficult to achieve by means of other methods. It is a totally natural and non-invasive form of facelift and rejuvenation. It has a positive effect not only on the appearance but also on well being and elimination of the accumulated stress. A Japanese face massage derives from Anma, which is a traditional system of massage in Japan and a significant part of ancient massage teachings. It is strictly connected with a notion of the Oriental Medicine in connection with four different stages of massage: cleavage and neck massage; elimination of toxins; intensively lifting techniques and the energetic part.