Important informations

Dear Club Members, Friends,

The published regulation on new restrictions does not allow us to continue our activities. Therefore, the Artis Wellness Club will remain closed from 28.12.2020 to 17.01.2021.

This is a tragic news for all reception staff, managers and, above all, trainers and instructors who take care of your safe and effective training in our club.

We have made a huge effort to adapt to the ever-increasing restrictions and to provide you all with safe conditions to take care of your physical condition and how important health is in these difficult times. The police and sanitary checks carried out at our club (unfortunately also after reports) have only proved that respect for health and safety comes first.

Many people trusted us and willingly used the opportunity to train at Artis Wellness Club. We would like to thank you for that, because it is thanks to you that we could continue to function.

Despite all this struggle, we feel powerless against the current regulation.

The government has not provided any data that would confirm the risk of COVID-19 spreading in gyms. We have been looking after your physical and mental health for almost five years. Now we have been deprived of the opportunity to work, and you have been deprived of the opportunity to build resilience through physical activity. During a pandemic, we give you a sense of security and, again worth emphasizing, we help you to maintain your physical and mental health. This is all the reason why we deserve to be open without constant controls, threats of fines or penalties. We are very sorry and we hope that we have the strength to fight for the future.

Artis Online

We continue to invite you warmly to our online training sessions, which will take place according to the schedule. Let us take care of our condition, immunity and health together. Thanks to online activities, we can be with you anywhere in the world, even at this difficult time for everyone.

Artis application

There are ready-made training programmes prepared by Technogym trainers (programmes of various intensity and varying degrees of advancement). Take advantage of it.

Artis Challenge

Remember, your outdoor or home training also counts and when you sign up for it, it adds up to our rankings. Watch our application - new competitions coming soon! Numerous prizes await you.

Charity Calendars Artis 2021 

This year has hit not only us, but also those who do not ask for help, but need it like few people - animals. We are making our contribution to helping animals in the form of charitable calendars with our trainers. Now it is up to you whether we will build something beautiful out of these contributions. The calendars are available on our website www.artisclub.pl/kup-online or at the club's reception.

Membership tickets

Membership tickets will be suspended and extended free of charge for the duration of the suspension. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to lech.kuzniak@artisclub.pl.


On the occasion of Christmas we wish you much health and peace!


We hope to see you on 18 January.

Artis Team

Registration for online classes

✔ Members of the club who will not be able to use the club due to restrictions imposed by the authorities are welcome to take advantage of the online activities. The schedule of classes is available on our website (https://www.artisclub.pl/grafik).

✔ Classes are free of charge for Artis Wellness Club members and payable to all others who want to take care of their health with us.

✔ Online classes are subject to registration on our website (https://www.artisclub.pl/grafik/zapisz-sie).

  • In the schedule, you choose the activities you want to participate in and press "Subscribe";
  • Then you go to the form where you can choose one or more of the activities you are interested in;
  • If you are not a member of Artis Wellness Club you will proceed to payment;
  • If you are an Artis Wellness Club member and you have an active, paid-for contract, remember that when registering you must provide the same data that were entered into our system when signing the contract. Then you will receive access to online classes free of charge;
  • Finally, you will receive access to selected classes by e-mail.

✔ There will be no Live classes during the holiday period. We send you links to recorded ONLINE classes via messenger. You can get selected links by signing up via FB (https://www.facebook.com/ARTISWellnessClub).