Correction of posture

Do you want to strengthen your body and correct your posture? Check how we can help you.

Group classes



Pilates is a type of exercise which builds awareness of the body, and at the same time our work over it is more effective. There are no contraindications towards Pilates exercises, indeed, it is obligatory to be present in the classes. more


Yoga is an ancient system, which for thousands of years has been helping people to find their life balance. A systematic and practical yoga has a good influence not only on our body, but most of all, on our mind. more

Medical training

A training dedicated for people who require a special care due to their health condition. It facilitates return to physical fitness after injuries and operations. more

Remedial training / mobility

A training whose aim of to ensure optimal mechanical work of our body. During the training we work on increasing the range of mobility in our joints and correct functioning of each element of our motor system. more

Individual training