Classic massage

Body massage has been considered a form of therapy and even a method of healing the body for hundreds years. Massage involves the reaction of mechanical stimuli on tissue system in order to cause positive reaction in it. It reduces fatigue and helps to keep good health and beauty. When used regularly, every fortnight, it is a real benefit for everyone, no matter the age. Depending on a technique, form, intensity and strength of massage we can increase or decrease the tonus of tissue. During the whole body massage, the body relaxes, blood supply and tissue metabolism improve. An excessive muscle tension caused by chronic stress is also reduced. It especially concerns the neck and shoulder gilder muscles. Regular massage causes a significant cellulite reduction, stimulates micro circulation and removes toxins from the body which is particularly important while trying to lose weight. Massage prevents aging and skin flabbiness and it firms muscles.


Massage is a way of making our bodies more beautiful, improving flexibility of our skin and efficiency of our muscles. Its effectiveness involves enhancing natural functions of a body. The massage has a positive influence on our psyche, soothes nerves and eliminates fatigue. Techniques used, such as stroking, rubbing, pressing, patting and vibrations stimulate the circulatory system and facilitate the removal of harmful products of metabolism, strengthen bones and joint muscles.


Massage used as an element of wellness and at the same time an integral part of a sports training. Its aim is to prevent unfavorable effects of huge and frequent training loads incurred daily by athletes. The massage is used both before workouts, as a complement to a warm up, to prevent injuries resulting from insufficient preparation of the motor system, and also after workouts to accelerate regeneration processes.


Calm, delicate massage with marvelous distressing and relaxing properties. It is performed in a slow pace with soft, rhythmical movements which improve well being on physical and mental levels, relax mind and remove muscle tension in a pleasing and gentle way. The massage enhances treatment of neurosis, anxiety as well as negative effects of long term stress.


Energetic massage has a good influence not only on a physical body but also on centers, channels and an energetic body of the patient. The main purpose of the massage is to eliminate fatigue, relax tense tissue, level the circulation of vital energy which is blocked by stress and make the patient reach the state of total relaxation.


The purpose of medical massage (most often massage of the back and neck) is to heal certain disorders of the body through manual impact on skin and tissue situated directly under its surface as well as on deeper parts of the body and organs. It is beneficial to the circulatory system, nervous system, muscular system, joints and skin. It improves the pace of blood and lymph flow, prevents coagulation, facilitates conduction of stimuli, causes better nutrition and oxygenation of muscles, prepares for a physical effort, prevents overloading and injuries, accelerates regeneration after workouts, makes joints flexible, improves metabolism, facilitates the secretory work of sweat and sebaceous glands.


The task of isometric massage is to restore mass and strength in weakened muscles without overloading the body with physical exercises. It is used as assistance in rehabilitation – after a partial immobilization of limbs, after injuries – where muscles became weakened, or after a longer convalescence. It is also used as slimming massage which reduces subcutaneous fat tissue, as well as massage contributing to the increase of muscle mass and strength. The isometric massage is performed on tense muscle groups or on a single tense muscle.


Special massage which enhances the flow of lymph and makes clear lymph nodes. It allows to eliminate edema and toxic deposits out of tissue, facilitates the loss of weight and reduction of cellulite. The massage is an intensive skin and subcutaneous tissue care which clearly stimulates production of new lymphatic fluids and development of lymphatic system vessels. It improves metabolism, cleanses and rejuvenates skin, enhances skin and epidermis condition. A drainage therapy has also a calming effect, helps the body to release from long lasting stress through getting rid of redundant products of metabolism. It is one of the methods on so called ‘heavy legs’, elimination of inflammatory and congestive edema, skin dryness, premature aging and skin edema. The Lymphatic Drainage facilitates the transport of water and minerals as well as immunological processes.


Aromatherapy in massage is used as a complementary method in a treatment process, improving both physical and mental condition, soothing stress, supporting relaxation and regeneration of the body. Each of the aromatherapeutic oil used for massage has unique therapeutic properties: refreshing and rejuvenating skin, draining and detoxifying, relaxing, anti stress, improving mood, and also anti-inflammatory, stimulating the immune system, enhancing blood circulation. The scent of oil acts on a human body and stimulates that part of the brain which is responsible for mental condition. Once tiny particles of oil are absorbed by skin, they get fast through bloodstream to internal organs and fulfill their healing functions.


Exceptionally relaxing massage for your body and soul. Natural Shea butter, bee wax and nutritious avocado oil and grape seed oil ensure long term hydration and nutrition even in the deepest skin layers. Shea Butter makes your skin smooth and flexible and is a natural barrier protecting against the influence of adverse weather conditions. Its ingredients, such as vitamins A, E, F and a lot of beneficial fatty acids strengthen and regenerate epidermis and also revive the lipid layer. Supplements, such as extract from fruit and plants give off beautiful scent which makes one relaxed. Moreover, they have anti stress and anti-depressing properties. An attractive scent stays on your skin for a long time fulfilling its aromatherapeutic and relaxing tasks. They are recommended most of all for dry skin which needs regeneration.