Stress relief

Do you want to get rid of bad energy and free positive endorphins? Check how we can help you to relieve stress.

Group classes


Yoga Basic

Yoga is an ancient system, which for thousands of years has been helping people to find their life balance. A systematic and practical yoga has a good influence not only on our body, but most of all, on our mind. more

Group Cycle Advanced

Group Cycle classes are nothing else but riding stationary bikes to the rhythm of music at a variable rate. more

Sports Training

A training whose aim is to optimize and improve physical preparation for amateurs and professional sportsmen. more

Bodybuilding Training

A training aiming at increasing muscle mass and development of esthetic body. This type of activity together with the growth of muscle mass leads to strengthening the whole body. more

Strength Training

A training dedicated to people who want to develop strength of their bodies steadily and comprehensively. Its is proportional strengthening of our muscles. more

Individual training