Personal training

A personal trainer not only prepares a dedicated for you training program but also makes sure that your training is diverse. They introduce changes when necessary. A personal trainer monitors and evaluates your progress on a regular basis, and when some crisis comes – the trainer helps you to bring your motivation back.

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A personal training is either One-on-One or a group training supervised by a qualified personal trainer. A personal training is considered to be one of the most effective, safe and motivating.

Working out with a personal trainer you can be sure that exercises you do are adjusted to your possibilities, capabilities and aims you are willing to achieve. Therefore, you do not waste your time on workouts which will not bring the expected results and you will attain the set goal sooner.

Medical training

A training dedicated for people who require a special care due to their health condition. It facilitates return to physical fitness after injuries and operations. more

Remedial training / mobility

A training whose aim of to ensure optimal mechanical work of our body. During the training we work on increasing the range of mobility in our joints and correct functioning of each element of our motor system. more

Functional training

A training whose aim is a comprehensive body development and to teach basic motor patterns which impact everyday activities. more

Strength Training

A training dedicated to people who want to develop strength of their bodies steadily and comprehensively. Its is proportional strengthening of our muscles. more

Bodybuilding Training

A training aiming at increasing muscle mass and development of esthetic body. This type of activity together with the growth of muscle mass leads to strengthening the whole body. more

Sports Training

A training whose aim is to optimize and improve physical preparation for amateurs and professional sportsmen. more

Reduction Training

A training whose aim is to reduce body mass as well as the level of fat tissue. This form of activity should include a circulatory and respiratory training and a strength training. more

What are the advantages?

The most effective form of workouts
A personal training will help you realize your training aims faster. Working out with a trainer you achieve much better results than individually and in a shorter time. Hence, you do not waste your time on workouts which do not bring the expected results.

Training safety
Working out with a personal trainer you can be sure that the training is adjusted to your possibilities and a body condition. Therefore, a risk of injuries is highly minimized and you can workout without any unnecessary pauses.

Adjustment of a training plan to individual goals
A personal trainer will interview you, in detail, on your aims and also they will try to discover what motivates you to exercises. This information will help them to prepare an individual training program which will make you realize the set goals and hold on to your decision.

Maintaining motivation
A personal trainer is not only an instructor who tells you how to work out. They are motivators as well. They come with help whenever some crisis appears. Working out with a trainer you gain a partner who will help you go through the crisis keeping the workout going.