Reduction Training

A training whose aim is to reduce body mass as well as the level of fat tissue. This form of activity should include a circulatory and respiratory training and a strength training. As a result of a well matched training a change in the body composition takes place, that is, a loss of useless kilograms and strengthening of the body and muscle.

What do you gain? KNOW ADVANTAGES
  1. Loss of useless kilograms
  2. Strengthening of the body
  3. Reducing the risk of civilization diseases
  4. Better wellbeing and health
  5. Health improvement
  6. Losing weight
  7. Refining the body
  8. Health and wellbeing
For who?
  • For the overweight
  • For people with huge amount of fat tissue
  • For people who feel bad with their bodies
  • For people who want to change proportions of their bodies