Remedial training / mobility

A training whose aim of to ensure optimal mechanical work of our body. During the training we work on increasing the range of mobility in our joints and correct functioning of each element of our motor system. This type of training allows us to gain a correct posture of our body and get rid of pain problems.

What do you gain? KNOW ADVANTAGES
  1. Increasing the range of joints mobility
  2. Injuries prevention
  3. Gaining a correct posture of the body
  4. Getting rid of pain and disfunction of our bodies
  5. Optimization of our body work
  6. Providing tools for correct motor activities
  7. Faster post training regeneration
  8. Health and wellbeing
  9. Body posture correctness
For who?
  • For people leading a sedentary lifestyle
  • For people with motor system disfunction
  • For people struggling with spine pain
  • For people who want to enjoy a correct body posture