Yoga Basic

Anybody can take part in yoga classes, no matter the degree of fitness, age or sex. A yoga instructor always presents a few versions of a given exercise – both for the beginners and the advanced participants. Therefore, you can do exercises which are suitable to your current possibilities and, at the same time, you can observe more demanding versions.

Yoga is an ancient system, which for thousands of years has been helping people to find their life balance. A systematic and practical yoga has a good influence not only on our body, but most of all, on our mind – it is calming and relaxing, soothes our nerves and helps to forget about problems. If, in the spate of everyday duties you want to do something for yourself, yoga may appear a perfect solution.

Duration time: 60/90 min
What do you gain? KNOW ADVANTAGES
  1. You will shape your body.
  2. You will calm down.
  3. You will improve your balance.
  4. You will increase the mobility of joints.
For who?

For people who wish to strengthen their bodies and reach a spiritual balance. If you need some relax and a break from everyday tasks, YOGA will definitely help you to achieve it.

Our Phylosophy

All begins from motion


Everything begins with physical activity. Discover with us your favorite forms of physical activity and take care of your fitness every day.


When we are physically active we function better in every aspect of our lives. Take care of yourself, enjoy a moment, fulfill your dreams and yourself.


Realize your passions and meet new people. Share your good energy with them, inspire them, help them and motivate to realize their goals.