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Artis - Arm extension

ARTIS® Arm Extension builds arm muscles, especially the triceps, to provide effective, safe training.

Seamless design and technology

ARTIS® enhances the style of a premium wellness environment and encourages users to move naturally, inspired by its non-intimidating, frameless geometry and driven by its motivating digital content.


Great results made easy
ARTIS® features the new UNITY™ MINI virtual coach for strength training that provides advanced biofeedback, exercise guidance and data tracking.

Direct Drive System
The Direct Drive system is a rigid shaft that transmits weight stack resistance directly to the levers, delivering an exceptionally fluid feeling. Fewer pulleys and less stress on cables reduces maintenance costs and increases equipment life.

Bodyprint system (patent pending)
All paddings are made from special high-density foam that adapts anatomically to the shape of the body providing maximum comfort and a beneficial stabilising effect during exercise.

Innovative visual set up
All settings - buttons, levers, pins and Visual Flags (patent pending) - are bright yellow and easily recognised, so that even first-time users will immediately spot them and be able to set up their personal settings on their own.

Unique arm design
The unique handle design automatically accommodates varying forearm lengths and makes the machine less sensitive to specific elbow/axis alignment. Exercising can be performed either with both arms together or with alternating arms and result in more balanced strength improvement.


Długość (mm) 1083
Szerokość (mm) 1439
Wysokość  (mm) 1375
Waga stosu standard (kg) 70
Waga stosu plus (kg) 100
Waga urządzenia (kg) 234