Face treatments

Obagi program is a comprehensive approach to skin care based on solid scientific principles. While traditional skin care methods work only on its surface – providing limited benefits – Obagi products enter deeper skin layers and strengthen it from the inside. Obagi program is unique since it ensures individualized care through the use of in depth medical knowledge, above average skills and innovation. Everyone can choose a proper healing program for themselves.

Obagi Shine

If you struggle with tired, lacking radiance skin and its tone is uneven and with a tendency to discoloration, an anti oxidation treatment will do great work with your imperfections. more

Obagi Fresh

This treatment is geared to people struggling with imperfections and uneven skin tone. Obagi Fresh refreshes skin and makes it smooth and radiant. more

Obagi Forever Young

An Anti Aging treatment recommended for people with visible fine lines and signs of photo-aging. Women and Men wishing to improve firmness and flexibility of skin will also find this treatment useful. more

Obagi Calm

When your skin is shallowly vascularized and prone to redness, it is a sign that your skin needs relief. Obagi Calm treatment is a perfect solution for people with dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. more

Obagi For Oily Skin

This treatment is geared to people with mixed and impure skin. If you struggle with expanded pores and overproduction of sebum, this treatment is absolutely for you. more

Obagi MAN

We recommend Obagi Men treatment for Men who wish to reduce pores and refresh their masculine look. It will fantastically cope with imperfections and grayish skin tone. more


Skin cleansing is a very important treatment and fulfills many functions. In everyday care we use gentle methods of cleansing. However. more

Cavitation Peeling

Cavitation peeling is a safe alternative for people with sensitive, vascular skin. Deep pores cleansing allows a better exchange of ions and skin oxygenation, preparing it to an introduction of active substances. more

Acid Peel

Surface acid peel is an effective, natural method of shifting back the hands of a biological clock. It is very beneficial for the dermis, improves its thickness without causing inflammation. more