Skin cleansing is a very important treatment and fulfills many functions. In everyday care we use gentle methods of cleansing. However, before multistage intensive cosmetic procedures your skin requires more effective and deeper treatments. One of them is microdermabrasion, which is a form of mechanical peel. Not only does it cleanse the skin but also stimulates regeneration processes.

What do you gain? KNOW ADVANTAGES
  1. You will smooth and refresh your skin.
  2. You will improve skin tone.
  3. You will reduce discoloration.
  4. You will improve skin flexibility and firmness.
For who?

A treatment recommended for people who wish to achieve the best possible effects in a short time. It is perfect for skin struggling with discoloration and photo-aging as well as for gray, tired and not oxygenated skin. It will also help when your skin loses flexibility and firmness.