Wellness rituals

Feel invited to escape from rush and stress, on a journey to the land of luxury where Wellness Rituals mix scent, sound, color and touch. You will find here well being, beautiful look and relaxation. Each of our rituals works on all human senses ensuring a pleasing escape from everyday problems. Treatments are performed predominantly on natural cosmetics, exotic herbs, minerals, oil and lotions of marvelous properties and fragrance.

Cranberry Garden Ritual

Rejuvenating and Relaxing ritual. A combination of properties of exceptional natural resources provides your skin with vitamins and minerals. After the treatment your skin becomes firm and healthier and a fresh scent of cranberries remains on your skin for a long time improving your mood.

The ritual includes cranberry sugar peel with Shea butter and cranberry massage with Shea butter.

Black Pearl Ritual

Black Pearl has been considered the most expensive elixir worldwide. It stimulates your skin to produce collagen and elastin and improves the look and condition of skin. It reduces imperfections and makes your skin radiant delicate, smooth and bright.

The ritual includes luxurious peel reviving your skin and luxurious massage regenerating your body.

Oriental Ritual

A ritual which provides your body and soul with exceptional experience. A rich composition of oriental herbs, natural spices and precious jojoba and almond oil mixtures nourishes, hydrates and revitalizes your skin. It stimulates metabolism and improves blood circulation, therefore it removes toxins and balances energy flow.

The ritual includes oriental body peel and oriental body massage with hot stones.

Tea Garden Ritual

This ritual detoxifies, revitalizes and revives your skin as well as restores harmonious, firm body shapes. Your skin gains a healthy, radiant tone. High concentration of oligo elements strengthens the protective coat of epidermis, makes your skin firm and flexible.

The ritual includes a body peel, detoxifying compress with tea and algae and a relaxing whole body massage.

African Inkaba Ritual

This gift will provide each woman with unforgettable experience. It makes you feel relaxed due to sensual journey to the world charmed with ancient, rich heritage of Africa and the soul of its fruit. Owing to ancient rhythms of nature, this ritual will introduce you to the state of bliss filling your body, mind and soul, allowing to feel the surrounding calmness which makes the external world quiet.

The ritual includes a multi-sensual mask on the whole body and African massage of the face and body.

Linden Blossom Ritual

A deeply relaxing ritual which rejuvenates your skin and frees your mind from stress. It is recommended for those who are tired and mentally exhausted. Relaxing massage of the whole body and face relaxes you deeply. The effects of the treatment are: perfectly revitalized, rejuvenated, firm and visibly smooth skin.

The ritual includes a regenerating body peel, rejuvenating mask on a body and neck and body massage.

Red Wine Ritual

A firming ceremony redolent with grapes extract revives your body and face with a real power of vitality and at the same time lengthens the life of cells. Red wine and exotic oil rich in nutrients regenerate and rejuvenate your skin in a magic way and aromatherapeutic face and body massage makes you deeply relaxed.

The ritual includes a rejuvenating body peel, firming body mask as well as face and body massage.