Endermologia LPG

A non-invasive method which helps to solve problems with resistant fat, cellulite and flabby skin. It reactivates cells of deep skin layers through mechanical stimulation. A pleasing treatment will help to reshape your body effectively – break down fat lumps, soften fibrosis, reduce cellulite and smooth and firm your skin.

Application areas of this technology include among others: health and beauty care, wellness, sport, therapy, and aesthetic medicine.

  • Lipomassage – android body type
  • Lipomassage – slimming treatment
  • Lipomassage – gynoid body type
  • Lipomassage - anti cellulite treatment
  • Limphatic drainage – a treatment reducing water cellulite
  • Lipomassage – firming and shaping treatment
  • Express – express treatments on different parts of the body

Endormologie LPG includes also programs:

  • HEALTH, which enables to get rid of edema, physical pain, scars, restless legs syndrome. It is also possible to perform massage after a liposuction treatment.
  • SPORT, this program enables to perform a muscle warm-up, it will also regenerate fatigue muscles and reduce injuries and damage.
What do you gain? KNOW ADVANTAGES
  1. You will reshape your body.
  2. You will get rid of cellulite.
  3. You will improve your body firmness.
  4. You will remove edema and fibrosis.
  5. You will gain a dream body.
For who?

A treatment geared to people having problems with the excess of fat tissue and wishing to keep their skin firm during a diet. The device will do great work with water cellulite, edema and it will help young mothers to get back to the form from before the pregnancy.