Electro stimulation – Vip Body System

VIP is one of the most comprehensive and technologically advanced pieces of equipment for body shaping. It is equipped with special modules with programs for slimming, lymphatic drainage, firming the body and face as well as muscle strengthening. Treatments programmed by a computer include electro stimulation – performing isotonic motions by bundles of muscles.

Electro Stimulation stimulates comprehensively surface tissue and goes deep into skin by means of delicate, but deep electric impulses. During the treatment metabolism and blood circulation are stimulated, a great deal of subcutaneous fat tissue is reduced and your skin becomes more firm and flexible.


Work of muscles activates the mechanism of metabolism causing immediate burning of carbohydrates and activating the process of lipolysis – distribution of fat.

Intensive isometric gymnastic shapes your body, firms and strengthens muscles and is a strong lifting for your body. It improves blood circulation and tissue oxygenation, in this way accelerating revival of cells and cleansing skin, which becomes radiant and of firm texture.


The lymphatic drainage VIP enhances physiological elimination of edema and prevents problems caused by bad blood and lymph circulation.


It is different from the usual electro stimulators in such a way, that it warms up muscles individually and it performs a warm-up and a muscle training simultaneously, simulating regular physical workouts.

What do you gain? KNOW ADVANTAGES
  1. You will firm the whole body muscles.
  2. You will reduce obesity and measurements of your body.
  3. You will firm and lift your bosom.
  4. You will get rid of cellulite.
  5. You will enhance your metabolism.
  6. You will soothe tension and pain.
For who?

This treatment is geared to people with cellulite or obesity, who do not have time for active gymnastic but wish to reshape and firm their bodies. Moreover, people who want to get rid of edema and flaccidity as well as those who need to detoxify their bodies will find the VIP Body System useful. The electro stimulation will also be a good solution to problems with nutrition and will accelerate metabolism.