Group cycling

A Group Cycle Zone at ARTIS Wellness Club is the first indoor cycling zone in Poland. It is equipped in the state-of-the-art Group Cycle Connect bicycles by Technogym brand, which make it possible to follow the results of your own and others in real time. Put down your results in the application ARTIS Club and have a direct contact with a trainer.

What do you gain? KNOW ADVANTAGES
  1. You will strengthen your leg muscles.
  2. You will burn a lot of calories.
  3. You will improve your condition.
  4. You will charge yourself with good energy.
For who?

For those who love fast ride, emotions and energetic music! If you always give your best during a training and rivalry with others drives you even more, therefore, a Group Cycle Zone is for you. All trainings are supervised by a charismatic trainer.

  • 20 stationery bikes
  • 1 charismatic instructor
  • 20 satisfied participants


A training on Group Cycle bikes is a real pleasure! You can adjust a bike to your possibilities thanks to a regulated saddle, handlebars and resistance.


With a special console you can follow the results of your own and others. It will additionally encourage you to rivalry and to achieve still better results!


Application ARTIS Club allows you to put down your results, share them with your friends on Facebook, and to receive personalized tips from your trainer.


Are you ready for the journey to an indoor cycling? Fasten your seat belts since our visualizations will make you get into a training even more.

Our Phylosophy

All begins from motion


Everything begins with physical activity. Discover with us your favorite forms of physical activity and take care of your fitness every day.


When we are physically active we function better in every aspect of our lives. Take care of yourself, enjoy a moment, fulfill your dreams and yourself.


Realize your passions and meet new people. Share your good energy with them, inspire them, help them and motivate to realize their goals.