TBC includes all muscles. It consists of a warm-up and a proper training. Last minutes of the TBC training are spend on calming down, stretching and relaxing muscles which work the hardest during classes. We strengthen our muscle power, enhance our efficiency, burn fat tissue as well as refine and firm the body.

Total Body Conditioning is a complex general training whose aim is to strengthen and improve your physical condition. It is a training of all parts of the body: from back muscles up to thigh, buttocks and leg muscles. Additional load in a form of weights, steps, bands and others is used during the training.

Duration time: 50 min
What do you gain? KNOW ADVANTAGES
  1. You will shape your posture.
  2. You will improve your efficiency.
  3. You will enhance your motor coordination.
  4. You will burn a lot of calories.
For who?

TBC classes are good for everyone regardless of the level of fitness, age or sex. It is a training for everyone, since it is versatile and allows to work on different parts of the body.

Our Phylosophy

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