Omnia Junior

Omnia Junior classes are the most comprehensive concept of functional training, which uses the amazing TechnoGym OMNIA ™ system. These trainings improve the motor organ of children and teenagers, constituting an excellent basis for all sports. The aim of the classes is to develop motor skills necessary in the sphere of health, recreation and sports in children. The classes are aimed at acquiring the ability to cooperate in a group and in a team. Shaping and developing features such as speed and endurance while maintaining accuracy and systematicity. The classes are ideal for young people who like challenges and positive competition that motivates them to act. Omnia Junior classes are conducted by experienced trainers and trainers and individually adapted to the needs of the group of children exercising.

Duration time: 45 min

Our Phylosophy

All begins from motion


Everything begins with physical activity. Discover with us your favorite forms of physical activity and take care of your fitness every day.


When we are physically active we function better in every aspect of our lives. Take care of yourself, enjoy a moment, fulfill your dreams and yourself.


Realize your passions and meet new people. Share your good energy with them, inspire them, help them and motivate to realize their goals.