Omnia Functional Training

Both the beginners and advanced can participate in the classes. There is no choreography during the training and a tempo is moderate. We use various tools, such as: steps, balls, bands, expanders, and others.

The aim of functional training classes is to develop motor skills for health, recreation and sport. They teach an interaction in the group, develop and shape speed as well as endurance and at the same time make sure everything is accurate and systematic. The training is perfect for the youth who likes challenges and positive motivating rivalry. A great fun connected with a training.

Duration time: 50 min
What do you gain? KNOW ADVANTAGES
  1. You will improve posture.
  2. You will engage postural muscles.
  3. You will work on balance and coordination.
  4. You will strengthen your body.
For who?

For functional training lovers who wish to work on all muscle groups. If you look for a mild training, refining the whole body, a Functional Training is for you!

Our Phylosophy

All begins from motion


Everything begins with physical activity. Discover with us your favorite forms of physical activity and take care of your fitness every day.


When we are physically active we function better in every aspect of our lives. Take care of yourself, enjoy a moment, fulfill your dreams and yourself.


Realize your passions and meet new people. Share your good energy with them, inspire them, help them and motivate to realize their goals.