Healthy Spine

In the training a big attention is put on muscles relaxation in order to restore their balanced work. A very important element is to perform each movement slowly and precisely. We improve motor coordination and we help to learn proper movement habits.

Proactive type of classes which are intended to prevent any pain and changes in the area of spine. During classes we mobilize the spine to bigger mobility and we strengthen abdominal and back muscles.
Healthy spine classes include types of exercises which relax, stabilize, strengthen, balance and stretch particular muscle groups. During Healthy spine classes precise, not rapid exercises are performed.

Duration time: 50 min
What do you gain? KNOW ADVANTAGES
  1. You will shape your body.
  2. Improve your posture.
  3. Reduce pain in the back and neck area.
  4. You will stretch your muscles and relax yourself.
For who?

Healthy spine are classes good for everyone regardless of age and hours spent at a fitness club, since they shape our body awareness as well as strengthen all basic muscles, so that they could relieve our spine while performing everyday activities.

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