Andrzej Panewczyński Personal Trainer and Licensed Physiotherapist

Supported his own knowledge with many courses from renowned polish academies – Rehaintegro and Polish Sports Academy.

A sportsmen from his early days, he spent 10 years on tennis courts and 5 years on swimming pools. He also trained martial arts, archery and windsurfing. After starting his education in middle school he started to workout on the gym, which lead to passion for bodybuilding. Current runner – up in juniors classic bodybuilding in Poland, IFBB federation.

During trainings with his clients he is focused on a hard but effective work. He helps his clients to overcome their barriers, basing on methods he tested during comprehensive preparations to the bodybuilding shows.

Beside that he does not neglect the interraction with his clients and inspire them to maintain a healthy lifestyle, according to beliefe that you can reach your goals only with a good mindest.