Tabata includes performing intensive exercises for 20 seconds then there is a 10-minute-break. This being repeated 8 times. Exercises done during one series are varied. Tabata is based on a functional training. During the training, exercises such as pumps, sit-ups, jumping jacks, fast runs and crunches are quite good. Tabata is a very good form of activities for training free days, moreover, it is good to do it twice a week.

A short interval training which provides very good slimming effects as well as incredibly improves your condition. The author of this training program is Izumi Tabata from Japan, who based his studies on cooperation with Olympians. Therefore, Tabata is very universal – one can do it regardless of sport one does. Tabata is an intensive interval training which engages most of muscles. Tabata helps to enhance metabolism and facilitates body strength. An idea of Tabata class is to perform a given exercise on a maximum and to do one’s best, only then we can achieve intended effects.

Duration time: 30 minutes
Burnt calories: 550 kcal
What do you gain? KNOW ADVANTAGES
  1. You will burn fat tissue.
  2. You will get rid of additional calories.
  3. You will improve your fitness.
  4. You will tire yourself – in a positive sense.
For who??

Tabata is not for everyone, however, with some practice and a little bit of determination one can cope with it easily. Tabata includes elements of functional and circuit trainings, therefore, we can be sure that each single muscle will be moved. Advanced participants can develop their possibilities even more. Beginners, on the other hand, have a chance to begin work on their bodies and improve condition. Those classes give very good effects, which are soon visible.

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