During Pilates trainings quality not quantity of exercises is of utmost importance. Here, precision of each, even the smallest movement is crucial. Pilates exercises strengthen the deep abdominal and back muscles. During Pilates one also strengthens small and weak muscles, those which we are not even aware of until we begin to work out. Many people tend to forget about deep muscles, which improve not only the look of our abdomen but also the whole body posture. Participation in this kind of training will certainly enhance our coordination of movement with breath and performance of this movement with appropriate muscles.

Pilates is a type of exercise which builds awareness of the body, and at the same time our work over it is more effective. There are no contraindications towards Pilates exercises, indeed, it is obligatory to be present in the classes! Pilates strengthens your muscles but does not develop them too much. It relieves our spine and helps to eliminate postural defects.
Pilates is considered to be a form of physical education, that is, a training which one should begin his adventure with sport from. This system of physical exercises created at the beginning of XX century by Joseph Pilates, whose aim was to stretch and make all muscles flexible. Pilates system is a combination of yoga, ballet and isometric exercises. Pilates was invented to enable the injured sportsmen and dancers safe return to trainings and keep good condition. Focus and concentration of participants play a very important role in this method.

Duration time: 55 minutes
Burnt calories: 250 kcal
What do you gain? KNOW ADVANTAGES
  1. You will improve your posture.
  2. You will make your body more flexible.
  3. You will relax.
  4. You will refine your body.
For who??

Pilates technique is good for everyone regardless of age, health condition, or level of advancement. We do not make any sudden movements or leaps during Pilates training – it is a perfect method for people with arthralgia and backaches, the obese, as well as for those who have not done any exercises for a long time.

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