Body Pump

BODYPUMP™ is the best and fastest way to gain a perfect body. Sit-ups, clean and jerks, pressing will be a challenge for main parts of the muscles. Choreography and music change every three months. You decide what weight is appropriate for you and what intensity of trainings you prefer.

BODYPUMPis an original workouts program with the use of a barbell, which will strengthen and shape your body. BODYPUMP uses a proven formula called THE REP EFFECT™. It is about working out with the use of mild weights, with a large number of repetition. Thus, you burn fat, your muscles become stronger and your condition is much better.

Duration time: 55 minutes
Burnt calories: 560 kcal
What do you gain? KNOW ADVANTAGES
  1. You will shape all your body.
  2. You will improve your condition.
  3. You will strengthen your muscles.
  4. You will burn lots of calories.
For who??

For les Mills trainings lovers, who are not afraid to take up challenges and high intensity of exercises! If you wish to shape your body in a strength training but you prefer group classes more than a gym, BODYPUMP is exactly for You!

Our Phylosophy

All begins from motion


Everything begins with physical activity. Discover with us your favorite forms of physical activity and take care of your fitness every day.


When we are physically active we function better in every aspect of our lives. Take care of yourself, enjoy a moment, fulfill your dreams and yourself.


Realize your passions and meet new people. Share your good energy with them, inspire them, help them and motivate to realize their goals.