Rafał Piesio A personal trainer, dietitian. Basketball player and lover

A personal trainer, dietitian. Basketball player and lover, a graduate of the Athletic School in Warsaw. He has been involved in sport since early childhood, especially team sports. A medal winner of the Polish Championships in basketball. He specializes in a functional athletic/sports training.

At his work Rafał focuses on progressive building of physical fitness. He has a holistic approach, paying special attention to functionality, technique as well as quality of activities. He always tries to teach proper motor skills what later translates to the quality of everyday lifestyle.

Rafał has attended training courses and workshops in the area of a functional training, periodization and a functional training programming, weightlifting in sport as well as nutrition and supplementation. He has been constantly developing in the field of nutrition. His methodology of work is based on a conscious connection of three basic aspects, that is properly programmed training, individually prepared diet and activities from the area of wellness and regeneration. He always tries to approach each client holistically, measuring their progress on a regular basis.