Norbert Piotrowski Master Trainer / Gym Manager

He began his adventure with sport at the age of seven, starting his several-year career as a Taekwon-do competitor, achieving a master's degree and a lot of titles earned in the arena of Poland and Europe. Today, he uses the discipline developed through years of training into those under his care who focus on a healthy lifestyle, change of eating habits and improvement of health parameters. Is a knowledgeable person who, apart from training, constantly expands his knowledge and competence through participation in numerous trainings in the field of nutrition, training methodology and supplementation. When working with clients, he loves cases that need to be "repaired", i.e. people who have suffered from various illnesses that hinder their normal functioning due to a long lack of exercise. Each such metamorphosis is for him great satisfaction and personal pride.

He adheres to the principle that the first step is the most difficult, and if you make it, working with him the dream effect becomes only a matter of time. He treats each mentee individually, where an action plan is established during the initial consultation, which is subsequently implemented.

Trainings with him are full of commitment, good atmosphere but also hard work, which in combination with his experience is the key to success.