Maciej Niczewski Personal Trainer

He started his adventure with sports at the age of six, training tennis and swimming. One of his biggest achievements was getting 1st place at the Interschool Swimming Championships of Warsaw . From early years of age, he has always been fascinated by improvement of his physique, which resulted in joining the gym shortly after graduating primary school. That’s when he discovered his huge love for bodybuilding. He is currently preparing for the IFBB federation bodybuilding competition.

Maciej is an extremely demanding person both on himself as well as his clients. He pays high attention to the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. In addition to training, he constantly extends his knowledge in the field of diet, supplementation and the anatomy of a human body. Incredible body transformations of his clients is his specialty - no matter how difficult it gets he is able to help You achieve your goals.

Maciej strongly believes in a principle - repeating the same activity every single day leads to success in every area of life. He focuses on both - improvement of the body composition as well as the mobility of the person, during training with his clients. A friendly atmosphere and a strictly individual approach will make You even more willing to achieve Your goals and fulfill Your dreams.