Kamil Borański Personal Trainer / Bodybuilding Instructor

A graduate of the Sport Instructors' Academy. Since childhood associated with physical activity, through swimming and athletics. Enthusiast of bodybuilding and powerlifting. Active player of IFBB sports figure federation. In his sports career achieved titles such as vice champion of the international Diamond Cup competition and gold medalist of the Polish Classic Bodybuilding Championships. Currently, he is constantly expanding his knowledge of physiotherapy at the College of Rehabilitation.

Specializes in physique and strength training as well as motor training with functional factor. In his work, he combines two worlds - physiotherapy and personal training. Workouts under his guidance are focused on the main goals of the figure, as well as improving health, motor skills and its functionality. Based on his education and stage experience, he helps beginners and advanced athletes. During training, he provides a relaxed atmosphere along with a gradual and systemic increase of your possibilities.