Grzegorz Arłukowicz Personal trainer and a graduate of the Technogym Academy

A Personal trainer and a graduate of the Technogym Academy. Involved in sport from his childhood. He trained professional football for 16 years: double medal winner at the Polish Junior Championships (gold, silver), played in the top league, the first league and lower leagues. Due to an injury he was forced to look for a new path in his professional career. A continuation of his passion in sport and a physical activity appeared to be the best choice.

A student of Józef Piłsudski Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw. He completed a prestigious training course for a personal trainer in Poland and became a member of the Technogym Academy team. He was entered in the international EREPS register kept by the European Foundation Europe Active. A participant of training courses organized by the Training Showroom Academy (“Mobility and stability in the aspect of a client/sportsperson preparation” and “Olympic Weightlifting – system approach to weightlifting”).

Huge experience and professionalism from his previous career translates to his trainings with clients. An advocate of a functional training, focused on the correct functioning of the human body. His professional experience translates to conscientious and thorough work. He is a real maximalist, therefore trainings with him do not belong to the easiest ones but give a lot of satisfaction. In his private life: a lover of football, good music, literature, learning and self-development.