Khrystyna Struk-Falkiewicz A qualified Yoga Instructor with state entitlements

A Master of Law and Administration. An authorized Counsellor of the New Connect Market and Catalyst. A few years ago she changed her lifestyle and took up yoga. Today, she is a qualified Yoga Instructor with state entitlements. She completed a 3-year-teachers training course in the B.K.S. Iyengara line. Krystyna is a member of the Iyengara Yoga Association in Poland. She is a yoga personal trainer. A Certified Facefitness Trainer, Dancer.

She focuses predominantly on Iyengara Yoga however, she also does Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. This allows working with the body on different levels. She gained her practical and theoretical knowledge about yoga from the best teachers in Poland and abroad. She participates in training courses and workshops on a regular basis.

Krystyna promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. She is a person with many passions. She loves traveling and discovering new places, meeting people and chatting until dawn. She loves music, books and the theater. For a few years she was a dancer of the Teatr Tańca Inoj (Dance Theater Inoj). She cannot imagine a life without sport. At present she practices Crossfit, muay Thai, snowboard, and she runs. She organizes workshops for women and children. She has a holistic approach to herself and her teaching. She is full of energy which she shares with others.